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Germany   2016-03-17 15:09
Hej Agneta,

so many nice Hoyas you have!
I'm a Hoya collector also for a couple of years now, looking for Hoya carmelae and Hoya sp. Gunung Gading
...wondering if you might be interested to exchange or sell some cuttings...
love to hear from you...
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Himmelkron Germany   2013-02-28 15:41
Hi Agneta,
you have such a super Webside, but I dont find an emailadress
I am very interested in the following Hoyas.
Please have a look on my list and give me a short info, what is available and what ist the Price.

coriacea gul/lila lockii (vit multiflora)
heuschkeliana ssp. cajanoae gul
heuschkeliana ssp. Heuschkeliana
heuschkeliana variegated
krohniana ”Eskimo”
lacunosa ”Snowcaps
multiflora thai white big flower
sp. lata iskandar
sp. Philippines 'Golden Flame' GKMP-8006 (aff. blashernaezii Waltraud
waltraud gick
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   2013-02-28 15:41
Gör dina inköp på nätet via Det sparar du pengar på.
   2012-04-20 17:41
Som många före mig tänkte jag höra om du säljer sticklingar. Hör gärna av dig isåfall :)
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Germany   2011-07-29 18:09

my name is Elvira and I'm from Germany.
I am looking for a long time hoya inflata and would be happy if they have one for sale.

I would appreciate a response.
Best wishes Elvira
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   2010-07-01 13:30

My name is Ladislav Kopacek and I´m 39 years old. For some time I´ve been interested in growing plants of Hoya variety. Recently I came across your internet site.
Your collection of these plants is very interesting. I would like to ask a few questions about the posibility of obtaining these specific types and their prices (+postage,etc.):

H.imperialis 'Borneo Red'
1-2 cuts
H.imperialis var. rauschii
1-2 cuts

Please, write me the aggregate price (price of plants+postage,etc.), number of your account (IBAN,etc.) and name of bank.

Of course I can pay for the plants in advance, seriously.

Thank you very much for your response, I wish you all your best and lot so luck with your plants :-)

Hoya greetings,

Ladislav Kopacek
Pavlovova 1507
Nove Mìsto na Morave
Czech republic
Ladislav Kopacek
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Jönköping   2010-05-01 00:19
Fin hemsida du har. Undrar om du säljer sticklingar?
Hälsningar Anneli
Anneli Fagerberg
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Vellinge   2010-04-18 22:20
Hejsan !
Trevlig sida!
Jag undrar om du säljer sticklingar ?
Ha en bra dag :D
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Visby   2009-09-25 09:27
Jättefina bilder på hela hoyan! Har saknat det, brukar bara vara blomman och det dröjer ju innan man får se dem :)
Huset blev jättefint efter renoveringen! Jag önskar jag hade så många fönster, då hade jag köpt några :) hoyor till...
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Dietzenbach / Germany   2009-09-02 20:33
Hej Agneta,

very nice Hoyor har dig!
Vill du sälja bra sticklingar?

Många hälsningar från Tyskland skickar Gabi ;-)
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Nynäshamn   2009-08-18 21:21
Hej, hej
jättefin sida, uppskattar verkligen att få se bilder på
hela hoyan inte bara (blomman)!
Petra Sjöberg
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